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2000 - 2100

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The Fourth Plinth

Trafalgar Square is well known for Nelson's Column, the big thing in the middle. In each corner there are also 4 plinths built in the mid 1800s. Three of them were occupied by statues of now obscure military heroes, but then they ran out of money and the fourth plinth was left empty for around 150 years. Then in 1999 someone came up with the bright idea of using the plinth to temporarily show specially commissioned pieces of art for a period of around a year or so. That was a brilliant idea.

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Antony Gormley

The current piece of art on display on the fourth plinth is 'One & Other' by Antony Gormley, an artist largely known in the UK for the 'Angel of the North' sculpture by the A1 in Gateshead, and 'Another Place' on Crosby Beach, Merseyside, featuring figures based on his own body. 'One & Other' is a very different sort of thing - for 100 days, 2400 members of the British public have an hour to do whatever they want in order to create some kind of picture of the state of the nation in 2009.

Antony Gormley
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Ian Adcock was one of several thousands of people who applied for an hour on the fourth plinth, and when he was allocated the 8.00-9.00pm slot on the first Saturday night, spent a lot of time thinking about what to do with his hour. Eventually he came up with the idea of turning the focus around, so it was not about who is on the plinth, but about the view from the plinth, giving everybody there the chance to be involved. As long as they smiled, and preferably waved, and obviously a pose helps.

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